STOP a wage garnishment TODAY!

Learn more about how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help you.

The stress of debt can be overwhelming, but when your creditors start taking 25% of your paycheck, that requires action NOW!  If you have past-due bills stacking up on your credit report, don’t wait until it gets worse.  Don’t put it off until your creditors file lawsuits against you, because this puts you one step away from a garnishment.  

However, if your wages are already being garnished, it is NOT too late!  You can still file Bankruptcy to stop the garnishment immediately.  In fact, we can often recoup some or even all of the money already garnished.  In Kentucky, creditors can garnish up to 25% of your after-tax income.  They can also garnish your bank account and sometimes even completely clear it out!  My clients often tell me that they never received notice or warning until it was too late.

Bankruptcy STOPS wage garnishments and bank account garnishments immediately!  Whether your garnishment is about to start or even if it’s been going on for months, we can get it stopped NOW!  We will explain the different options available to file your case ASAP, even if you cannot afford to pay our fees up front.

I’m excited to help you stop your wage garnishment!  We have 2 convenient office locations in Louisville.  Call us today or click on the link above to schedule a phone call with Jason.