Reduce your credit card interest to ZERO!

Learn more about how Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you.

Are you making your credit card payments every month without seeing your total balance go down much at all?  If you are only able to make minimum payments, most of what you pay each month only goes toward interest.  Most credit cards have interest rates close to 20%.  The credit card companies set the minimum payments at a low amount so they can make as much as possible from interest every single month.  If you only pay the minimum, it may take you 20 years or longer to get out of debt!

It’s time to STOP the never-ending cycle of credit card debt.  Bankruptcy can give you the relief you need.  Filing Chapter 13 STOPS credit card interest as soon as we file your case.  It allows you to make payments on your debt based on what you can afford.  It provides a light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead of a repayment plan that could take over 20 years, Chapter 13 will only take 3-5 years.  And instead of juggling your bills to pay multiple different companies each month, Chapter 13 consolidates your debt into 1 affordable payment.

Get out of the credit card minimum payment cycle!  It’s time to get your finances back on track.  Bauman Bankruptcy Law will help you decide if Bankruptcy is right for you.  We have 2 convenient office locations in Louisville.  Call us today or click on the link above to schedule a phone call with Jason.