Get student loan relief through Chapter 13.

Learn more about how Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of student loan debt you have?  Are your monthly payments unreasonable?  Many people think that filing Bankruptcy won’t affect your student loans, but that’s not always true.  While the options for student loans in Bankruptcy may be limited, it still offers some relief.  

Unfortunately, you cannot discharge student loans in Bankruptcy.  However, you can reduce your monthly payments.  Many student loan repayment plans are based on the amount of your loans rather than your income.  In those cases, the payments are often unreasonable.  In those instances, filing Chapter 13 can be beneficial because it allows you to set your payment based on what you can afford and not on the total amount of your debt.

If student loans become delinquent, the companies you owe often try to garnish your pay or seize your tax refunds.  Chapter 13 offers relief there too.  It immediately STOPS any wage garnishments, even from student loans.  It also prevents the student loan creditors from taking your tax refunds.  While Bankruptcy cannot offer student loan forgiveness (yet), it does offer more affordable payments and protection from garnishments.

Don’t let the burden of large student loans overwhelm you any longer.  Bankruptcy can still give you some breathing room.  At Bauman Bankruptcy Law, we’ve been helping our clients with their debt since 2008.  Put our experience to work for you.  We have 2 convenient office locations in Louisville.  Call us today or click on the link above to schedule a phone call with Jason.