What if you could start over financially?

Learn more about how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help you.

No matter how you got into debt, we can help you get out!  We understand that hard times fall on good people.  At Bauman Bankruptcy Law, there won’t be any judgment about how your debt happened.  We only care about helping you move forward and start the path to financial freedom.

That path often begins by getting a “discharge” in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  A discharge means that you no longer owe your debt and your creditors cannot try to collect from you…EVER!  Bankruptcy Laws exclude only a handful of specific types of debt from a discharge.  The most common are student loans, child support, and recent tax debt.  However, almost all other debts are included in the discharge. 

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Kentucky also gets rid of all negative activity on your credit report.  You can start to rebuild your credit immediately!  This means you can get a much better interest rate and a lower payment on a car loan.  And if you take the right steps to rebuild your credit , you can buy a home just 2 years after your Chapter 7 case.

I’m excited to help you along this journey to a financial fresh start!  We have 2 convenient office locations in Louisville.  Call us today or click on the link above to schedule a phone call with Jason.